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There isn’t anybody who is okay with a bed bug infestation in their home. As you may know, bed bugs in Avondale have been increasing.  If you suspect that bed bugs are invading your home then you should give us a call immediately.  We can help you treat these so you can go back to living in your home in peace!

Unfortunately, unlike ants or some other insects, you really can’t just ignore bed bugs. Once you’ve been infested by bed bugs, they won’t go away until an Avondale bed bug control professional removes them.

Bed bugs suck the blood of humans, mainly while you sleep.  Bed bugs will pierce your skin with their sharp tongue. They then cut through the flesh to find blood vessels to feed on. Bed bugs usually feed for 5-10 minutes and then return to their hiding location. All of this happens when you are asleep, and sometimes people can go days without noticing until they notice that they have red skin or bites and rashes on their body.

Avondale Bed Bug Control

Usually, when people figure out that they have bed bugs, it isn’t because they found the bed bugs themselves. Why? Because bed bugs are experts at keeping hidden from people. Often times bed bugs will hide in small holes found in beds or bed posts. Your mattress seams are another favorite location for bed bugs to hide. If you find blood spots on your bed sheets then you probably have a bed bug infestation. Another sign of bed bugs is if you wake up covered in lots of bites or are unusually itchy.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, then you should not continue sleeping in your home until they’re treated. Our Avondale pest control experts are able to answer your questions about bed bugs today! Just give us a call at (623) 208-7086 today to obtain a hassle-free quote and schedule your appointment.

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