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Whatever the reason–logical or not,  many Avondale residents fear or dislike spiders and that is perfectly normal. Spiders, however can be useful due to their role of eating other pests and keeping your home, business, or property free from annoying insects. In most instances, spiders are absolutely harmless to humans.

The poisonous venomous spider that you might come into contact with in Avondale is the black widow. In general, poisonous spiders such as the black widow aren’t going to be found in your home. If black widow spiders do get into your home they will be found in dark areas such as closets, basements, and garages. More often than not, Avondale black widows insects are found in outdoor sheds or piles of firewood.

To protect yourself from spiders and black widow spiders, ensure that you always use thick gloves when reaching into dark areas or when working with materials outside.  As you’ve likely seen, black widows can be identified by its glossy black color and red hourglass on its belly. If you happen to see a black widow in your home or business you should call us or another Avondale spider control expert immediately.

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